Wish: "Solved tag" for the topics

It would be nice with a “solved” icon/setting for threads.

An option is to edit the topic, but it would be nice with a separate icon (thumbs up or something) that symbolizes that the topic has a solution.

It could be handy for those who look through old threads, so they know there is a solution before they read through it all.

This could be shown on the “your topic is similar to…” blue box also.


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I asked for similar functionality about a year ago

This would be really useful for me too.

I have been using Vanilla Forums with the QA plugin, but I will probably be switching to discourse now because of the searching which actually gives me relevant results. The only thing holding me back is a way to mark topics as answered/posts as “accepted answer”.
It feels like it shouldn’t be too hard to do using a plugin since it is basically just one extra bit per post/topic (ok, maybe some more info would be required), but I have not really looked in to the discourse code that much.

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Something like this is on our roadmap in the next few month. Will keep you up to date once its implemented.

One of the reasons I don’t like this approach is that with the nature of discussions here, there are often several approaches (“solutions”) that are valid, and focalizing on just one would be reducing a colorful discussion into one black and white answer.

The other issue I have is that this stuff can go out of date rather quickly, and what was an accepted “solution” a few weeks/months back may no longer be.

I just have a tendency to view this forum as a continuum with lots of connected, interrelated issues that are constantly evolving, rather than a simple “ask a question, get an answer” type of structure.



I see your point, yet my wish stands, so maybe a “initial poster found what he looked for” is a better option than “solved” ?