Wish: Show selected mesh with outline selected

I use the “Shade hightlight selected meshes” quite a lot

But if often need to see the textured mesh when I manipulate it, so I really wish for the ability to only show the contour as selected, and not the mesh faces.

Here it is with normal shading:

And here with no shading:

So as you can see a lot of the visual data needed is lost in both available options.



I guess a very easy to implement solution that would solve all my needs is a transparency slider for the yellow shade color.
If I could choose to set this from 0 to 100 % then I would be very happy indeed, and that should not be an impossible wish as the yellow shade color is already semi transparent and shows through part of the texture.

Pretty Please!
It would make working with scan data so much easier!


Perhaps that would be possible with the settings available in the settings files? If so the power would be in our own hands.

// Rolf

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Yep, I hear you - I’ve lobbied for different selection ‘looks’ for this reason - very hard to see color and material changes, let alone other objects when everything turns yellow.



It would also help if this setting would work:

Shouldn’t be too hard to realize.