Can a mesh with its jpg image in shaded mode be made faint?

I have my mesh and its jpg image rendered to it in shaded mode. I selected it then used SetObjectDisplayMode and chose rendererd. Already I had in rendered view pane mode allocated by object, ticked colour and browsed to the jpg. Looks real.

However I need to see the curves I am drawing which get to disappear and reappear when drawn on the mesh surface whilst using it as reference.

If I could make the mesh image faint then I could work on the curves, the only thing I can do is when in side view move the mesh further away using top view, it is wrong though to keep moving it about, it should stay where I want it.

here is a mockup of the faint required.

I tried SetObjectDisplayMode ghosted but as seen its FAR worse.


If you select the object and then go into Properties>Material, there are some sliders under “Basic settings” and one of them is Transparency. Try dialing that one up from 0% (full opacity) to some value that you like (at 100% it will disappear completely).

trying that, makes not a difference at all, remains totally solid.


go to display modes ghosted and deactivate show mesh wires. also setting the texture to transparent should work, maybe you still are seeing meshwires, just set to 10 percent transparancy and deselect the object, does that work?

anyway you can use BringToFront on the curves they will then always show no matter how you rotate or whatever is in the way, that is a good way to work with overlaying curves, just choose a good readable color.

I have set ghosted to not show mesh wires.

when then in ghosted mode I click the mesh all the myriad of triangles show up as a yellow mass, so that didnt work, why was that ?
select object and drag slider to 10% in Properties>material>basic>transparency. deselect, no difference at all.
I see there is also a transparency setting next item under colour, click the tick box and a browser opens. lost me there, as I have my jpg already chosen, what is that browsing for ? is that where I need to go ?


selected meshes will always show the wires unfortunately, i at least never found a setting to turn that off, it would be nice to have an outline showing rather than meshwires, would be a good idea for a wish, i am not sure @Holo might have made that wish somewhere already.

but, you can change the selection colour to something more readable or less visible in that case for the time being, if that helps you.

i think so, but since you are on windows it might look a bit different, moving the parameters should give you instead feedback though :wink:

I dont understand why unticking mesh wires fails to stop them showing in shaded mode ?
is this fixed in v7 ?

if not why not.

Being blinded by a mass of wires, whatever colour they are is nuts, should be an option to not show them just as much as isocurves, edges etc have a turn off option.

as you say an outline would be good.

working with meshes is a nightmare, aligning them up, scaling them to match, moving etc. Its as if it wasnt ever thought of and cared for much.

I am doing more tonight and faced with this whole issue again.

quest to make faint or hide meshes , still unsolved and desperate to get a fix for this.


Is this possible in V7 as its VERY DIFFICULT INDEED working with meshes in Rhino, as if we are not supposed to !
If I have traced features from my mesh and grouped them to it, when I select them I cant see them, so moving the mesh to align those to same traces on another mesh , one is staring at a yellow mass.

Could I hit a record option, then perform transforms on the traces, hit stop record, then select the meshes and play the record and it does the transforms again, so meshes end up with their traces, moved, scaled, rotated etc .

I turn off show mesh for the view but meshes dont turn off.
I have a load of projects with meshes, and cannot even work with them easily if at all.
Trying to get this done then rebuild pc to win 10 (which will wipe out weeks of my time, hence need to solve mesh issue now ideally) and install Rhino v7.

I truly hope v7 is good with meshes, cannot have mass of yellow blinding me hiding my drawn items.


Here is one thing you can try:

  • Put the mesh on a separate layer so you can turn it off
  • Group your other objects to transform with the mesh
  • Turn off the layer with the mesh
  • Transform the other objects (as a group)
  • The mesh, although hidden will come with and get the same transforms as the other objects
  • You will see a preview of the mesh reappear when doing real-time movements (like dragging) of the grouped objects but it is a grayed-out wireframe preview, not yellow highlighted.
  • V7 will behave the same way. There is no current native way to turn off the mesh highlighting when visible/selected.

In Rhino 7 all you need to do is to set the transparency slider of the material to around 50%:

Is that what you need?

It will show the back of the object through ofcourse, but this can be handled by adding a clippingplane midway through the object, or by turning off render backfaces.

Doesn’t help with the wireframe highlight when the mesh is selected though… However if you have a display mode set to shade-highlight selected meshes and the transparency is dialed up to 50% or more (as you said), you can clearly see other geometry as well.

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Great point! I have wished for a outlined mesh selection many times, or a non-selected option for move too.
But this can be scripted with the pipeline though…

Hi, something to consider for v7.

meanwhile the method of placing traces and other lines relating to the mesh on a separate layer, and grouping to the mesh, things I do anyway, BUT turning off the mesh layer and finding the mesh still moves even iff off, WORKS :slight_smile:
I always had the trace layer drag dropped onto the mesh as a sublayer, so by breaking that sub layer situation and being able to turn off mesh (or I could have mesh as the sublayer) THAT WORKS :slight_smile:

Now using that with success.

When with v7 I will try your method Holo/ Helvetosaur

However if you have a display mode set to shade-highlight selected meshes and the transparency is dialed up to 50% or more (as you said), you can clearly see other geometry as well.


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