Better shading for meshes?

Hi Have tried to find some (better) way to display high res meshes in different shading modes but no luck!
Have tested -Shade-highlight selected meshes- in -Options- but that dont change the apperence that much.
Is there a way to not show the mesh like a big black lump when unselected and not like a big yellow lump when selected? And I dont mean to change the color of the mesh!
I am not primarily interested in arctic, pen or other shading versions but mostly “Shaded” view.
Are there any settings I can change or alternative shading ini file?
Any help much appreciated!

Hi Per -

Have you tried changing the Rhino Options -> View -> Display Modes -> Shaded -> Objects -> Meshes -> Mesh Settings -> Wireframe Thickness (pixels): setting from 1 to 0?

Hi Wim! And thank you for reply! Yeah tried that, looks much better in unselected mode but still the big yellow lump when selected…

Hej Per -

Yes, you need this in combination with the Shade-highlight selected meshes setting on the Objects page for the display mode.

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Hej Vim!
Okey! Yeah that’s much better! Did not strike me that it was a combination of those settings. Thank you so much!

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A great editor, if not the greatest ever…

I agree totally!