Shade-highlight Selected Options

@pascal, do you think there is any good reason to have separate ‘shade-highlight selected’ settings for meshes and surfaces?

Would it make any difference to just have a single ‘Shade-highlight selected’ option?

Hi Steve - One setting would be fine I’d say.


Thanks, unifying this into a single option simplifies quite a bit of logic in the display code. I’ll let this sit and see if someone else pipes up with an argument to keep these as separate options.

The selection highlight has been discussed many time in different threads…
And Yet, here we are on the closing stage of R8.

In the attached video I’m trying to move the mesh [head prop] to position the earlobe behind the earring… but when I select the mesh, the earring disappear in the yellow glow.
It took a long time just to position that mesh correctly… moving blind, deselecting to see where I am… and again moving blind.

There were some talks about giving us an outline selection option… what happened to it?

I hope/wish there is a solution that I’m totally missing here…?

thanks a lot

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Hi Akash -

Yes, a different method of selection shading has been worked on during the Rhino 8 WIP but didn’t give us satisfactory results.

Perhaps not a solution, but you might have missed the “shade-highlight selected meshes” setting in your display mode?
2023-07-25 SelectionHighlight


Thank you @wim
Yes, I did see this option but somehow didn’t try it [the naming is not very clear]
And it is much better with that option, parts in front of the mesh stay visible, and it also easier on the computer allowing for not showing the mesh edges. I have that other option selected as I often insert into Rhino fairly dens meshes.

Having an outline only selection highlight would be much nicer, but It feels sort of sorted for now.

I have one request for the shade highlight… maybe it is not difficult to do?
if the Devs could add an option to lower the color intensity. because for wire selection, we need an intense selection color or else its will be difficult to see, but for meshes/surfaces, when you get this large volume of highlight, it’s just way to bright and distracting.
an auto reduction or a slider for the user would go a long way here.

for example:
here with full color.

and here with saturation reduced

thanks a lot.


Is there hope that we will see it do well in the near future :blush: