Wish - Set View on Viewport Name

would that be a possible enhancement, that when right clicked on the indicator that only a Set View List shows up? currently to change the view lets say from left to right, one must right click in the viewport and find the set view, then move the mouse cursor there to toggle further to then finally set the view.

this is ok for the rest of the whole viewport but since i dont see any other right click function directly on that indicator name and right clicking only there would not make any further sense for the rest of the options, this would make switching the view far easier.


(changed this to Rhino for Mac, as Windows Rhino treats this quite differently)

thanks Mitch, i was not sure so i left it uncategorized, how does that work on windows anyway? anything more comfortable there?

This is what the viewport right-click title menu looks like in Windows Rhino…

“More comfortable”? Dunno, depends on how you define comfort, I guess… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

looks the same… moved it to Serengeti in that case.

I guess I don’t understand what you’re asking for then - can you clarify some? --Mitch

Guess: Right-click > Some option to change the actual name shown (not the display mode or orientation)

i.e. rename viewport?

nvm, I see I have trouble understanding what I am reading. I play end-of-the-work-week card.

hi @Helvetosaur and @nathanletwory, i will try again.

what i suggest, is to SET the view, not renaming it. but not having such a long list as Mitch posted but having a short one to be able to find and therefor switch it faster.

when you look at Mitch’s list, Set View is right at the bottom, on mac its somewhere in the middle, pretty bothersome to look for it in a hurry, just for switching the view from left to right or bottom to top etc.

what i hoped is that this little named field (View Name) as indicated with the circle in my first post could have the general right click excluded, offering a very short list for Set View. any clearer and possible?