Can you Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (Not the ones in Options)

Wanting to create some custom keyboard shortcuts to match the ones I use in my CAD program. I can’t find how this is done in Rhino. I am aware of both the “options keyboard” panel and aliases, but not the ability to create a key set based on my own allocation. For example, I use “Crtl+~” (tilde) for zoom extents. Is this possible in Rhino. Thanks.

PS. I did some searching, but never found anything that says this can be done.


@ Fred_C

Thanks for taking the time to reply. However, I am aware of "options>keyboard…but I don’t see how I can use “Crtl+~” here as its not a listed keyboard shortcut?


No, you cannot. For keyboard shortcuts, you can only use the listed ones in Options > Keyboard. You can change what commands they run as you wish, of course.

Otherwise, you can create aliases, but these require an Enter to execute.

@ Helvetosaur - thanks for the insight. I figured that would be the reply. It does surprises me though. With time being money and so precious in a commercial environment, one would expect the ability to be able to use any shortcuts one would want. The ability to create the same shortcuts between programs is something I would value greatly (why have to learn new shortcuts for the same type of command??) Stretches productivity even more. All of the programs I use to date have the ability to customise the KB SCuts to ones own choosing. Guess this one should go on the wishlist. Thanks. is a software that can do that and much more.
Basically you would have an application specific script that outputs ‘ZE _Enter’ when you type Ctrl+~

Thanks atair. I know about Autohotkeys (It’s actually on my machine) but I’ve had some issues with it doing things I don’t want, so I gave it away (Probably user error mostly :scream:)

Probably coming across as really critical to Rhino, but that is not my intention.