WISH: Rectangle Rounded Corner


When using the rounded corner option for Rectangle, would it be possible for the resulting arcs, when they are pulled ‘full’ (i.e. two corner arcs touch), to be created as a single arc, rather than two quadrants?


Good idea!

In the meantime, you can use SimplifyCrv after creation to get what you want.


(Brian James) #3

Just to make sure, is this what you mean?

That the fillets would be seen as one arc not two if touching?


Yes, that’s it. In the case you’ve shown, you’d end up with two 180 degree arcs instead of four 90 degree.

I suppose, taking things to their ultimate conclusion, pulling the fillets to their maximum on a square should give you a circle.

(Brian James) #5

Thanks! I filed this as RH-20376 for future reference. This is not publicly visible yet however.