Filleting Both Sides of a Curve


Assume that I have a 2’ x 10’ rectangle. I would like to round one of the ends with a 1’radius.

I can use fillet on a 2’ and 10; corner, leaving a corner with a 1’ edge and a 10’ edge.

But I cannot fillet that corner to 1’ radius.

Is there any way to simply do this?


this works for me… are you sure your 2’ edge is exactly 2’ and that your fillet radius is set to exactly 1’? when i try that, it works.

that said, i’d personally just draw the 180º arc and trim the rectangle with it… using Fillet will leave you with two quarter circles instead of one 1/2 circle.


Hi Jim

As Jeff said, I too would use the Arc command.
Using Arc Tangent makes this fast and easy.
Well … you still have to trim the rectangle …



It appears my example was a poor one. I can do it when the shape has round measurements.

Unfortunately, I am ding fillets in inches with the dimensions set to feet. There, I can only get one side to fillet.


as long as your fillet radius is _ equal to or less than _ 1/2 the short side of the rectangle, it should work.


Just in case I was not clear … :slight_smile:
( … And assuming I understood the problem … :wink: )

The Tangent option of the Arc command does not ask for a radius value.
You just have to pick 3 curves and the radius will be calculated by Rhino.



I usually use this, Arc Tangent Tangent Radius, with just 2 curves and yes Rhino does the radius! I use it a lot when drawing out my guides for 3D. Once you have your arc between 2 curves hit enter. I have an Alias for this I use it so much. :slight_smile: