Rectangle with rounded corners

Hi Mcneel and all

Why is it that a rectangle with completely rounded corners (“race track” shape) is created with a complete arc in one end and the arc split in two on the other end? It would be nice if the arcs on both ends were a single curve - see attached screen dump. Or if the Simplify command could, well, simplify it without first exploding the curve, joining the two quarter arcs and running simplify on just that segment before re-joining it to the rest of the shape.

Weird thing is, that if I do the exact same shape manually (race track with one end a complete arc and the other end consisting of two quarter arcs) Simplify has no problem with picking up the two arcs and making them one, even when all the curves are joined.

What gives?

TIA, Jakob

Hi Jakob - it looks like it happens that the seam point in the thing happens to fall at one end of a straight segment that gets ‘consumed’.


Good catch, @pascal!
I’ll make a habit of drawing the shapes horizontally and rotating them as a quicker workaround, but maybe it could be tuned up in the future. I realize this is probably going to sit very, very low on the list, but still… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input!