Wish: 'Project' toggle remembered per view

It would be helpful if the Project switch was remembered per viewport.
In 2d views it makes sense to have it on most of the time, but maybe not in a 3d view. If it was a per-view-setting, it would not be necessary to switch it on/off so often.
I for my part also tend to forget to toggle it on after switching to e.g. top view, draw lines, then back in 3d I recognize that the line was snapped anywhere in z.

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Exactly @Eugen… It’s a bit frustrating. At least if you want to use Rhino for the architecture Project object snaps are something you want to use almost always in the Parallel views. There is too much overhead in Rhino when switching between views.
I recognize that we share a lot of frustrations and wishes when it comes to the use of Rhino or Visual ARQ in the architecture.

Hi Eugen, Jakub - would it make sense to have a global setting for ‘Project parallel views only’? Rembering per viewport seems very messy to me…


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Yes, I was about to mention the same thing.

I wasn’t aware of that preference when I posted this. Works pretty well.


Thanks, Pascal! I totally overlooked it. My bad.