Default "Project to CPlane" for 2D views?

Is there a way to always turn the “Project to Cplane” button in the Object Snap toolbar ON for the 2D view and make it optional for the 3D view?

I have a problem (actually with my memory… :wink: ) that I turn it off when working in Perspective and then forget to turn it back ON when I go to a 2D, then have a problem with it picking arbitrary points among objects that share a point in the 2D view.

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I can’t imaging a use case to NOT have it project in a 2D viewport. If anyone has one, I would be curious to know what it is…

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Well, I think the problem is that you’re considering viewports as 2D or 3D. That is incorrect. They are all 3D. What you are calling “2D” is just an orthographic parallel projection of your 3D scene. The depth is still there even if you don’t see it.

So a reason not to have project on in an Ortho viewport is when you are trying to snap to something that is not on the view Z0 plane, while looking at another Ortho or perspective viewport to confirm that the snap is indeed falling in the right place.

I could imagine an option to “Project all snaps to view CPlane if viewport is in parallel projection”, but as non-orthographic viewports can also be in parallel projection, that might also be problematic…


Thanks for the reply, Mitch.

Sorry I struggle with the terminology, but I realized it is as you are saying. But that’s what causes me trouble, because if I physically pick a point in a parallel protection by clicking, there is no way I can intend anything, but the " c plane that the parallel protection is pointing towards" (not sure the proper term for this…) because that is all the info I have from that view. I think usually the issue comes in when I am using the measure function trying to get a distance across that protection. (Again not sure of proper term for that…)

The think the option setting you mentioned about projecting in parallel protection would help this. But actually thinking more about it, maybe it would be unnecessary if Rhino simply showed the picker, like it does in the perspective view port when the point is ambiguous, instead of just selecting one of the points.

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I also face the same problem with Project in Perspective view. It would be so much better if there was a separate setting to turn on or off the project in 3d perspective view. Maybe split the “Project” into two ones: “Project 2D” and “Project 3D”?

Anyone found a solution to this? I would welcome either of the suggested solutions: either ‘Project 2D / Project 3D’ or ‘Project all snaps to view CPlane if viewport is in parallel projection’

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All - this feature is on our wish list as item RH-52229.

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Separate options for “Project 2D” and “Project 3D” are the best way to go. In any way, nice to see this getting under the radar for a future implementation. Thanks!