V6 Wish - New Function For User/Perspective View

There is an aspect of view port navigation in Zbrush that I would really love to be brought to Rhino. While in a user or perspective view port you can hold down the shift key while rotating and the view will snap to the nearest ortho view. The result is a faster and more comfortable navigation.

Thank you and keep up the amazing work on this amazing software.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the suggestion. Try Ctrl+Tab when the viewport is maximized to toggle through the views in Rhino too. This will allow you to have Perspective in only some views while true Orthos in the others. Does that help or do you really just like the snap with Shift held? Rhino uses Shift for ortho snap right now so I’m not sure if this would create a conflict. If it did work though, they wouldn’t be true orthos if the camera for that view is perspective.

Hi Brian,

Yes there are conflicting hot keys between the two software packages. I am not concerned with being able to get the hot keys from one software into Rhino. I am looking for the function. What Rhino does is toggle through view port views. What Zbrush does is allow you to rotate and snap the scene you are currently in to dead right, left, top… relative to the world on the fly. I have worked for 10+ years with the 4 view paradigm. Zbrush doesnt have that paradigm and it feels more comfortable and while Im in it I never miss the 4 view. While Im in Rhino I keep feeling like I wish I could just snap my object to ortho. Toggling through 4 views doesnt do it.


Does any of this help?

Solidworks has the same functionality. It’s a pleasant [feature]. I think it’s CTRL + arrow keys, if memory serves.

Thanks everyone for the feedback on this one. I’ve filed a feature request as RH-21123. This report is not public at this time.

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