Is there a way to set Project to auto switch on and off with view?

Hi All!

I’ve been using rhino for a while,and this is the first time I’ve not been able to find an answer in here.

So, what I’m noticing as I’m working is I am constantly having to switch PROJECT off, so I can go into Perspective view, click the hard to reach point, then move back over to Top or Front or Right, and extrude or move or copy to a second reference point that is easy to see from above. I then go back into perspective to see the object is no longer aligned with the original point because it has snapped directly to the second reference point rather than just in line with it. This then causes a short aggressive outburst of swearing from myself, following by having to go back and do it again and remember to switch Project off, then back on.

I equally do this with line drawings, where i want to match an existing shape, so draw over it from above only to find it wont extrude because the lines have all snapped to the different points which are at different heights, ie I’ve forgotten to hit project.

So, my question is: Is there a way to set it so that when my cursor is in Perspective, Project is OFF unless I turn it on; and when in Top/Front/Right always ON, unless told otherwise?

I have it assigned to F1 to make switching easier, and still often forget. But I just cant imagine why you would possibly not want to use Project when drawing from a side viewpoint.

Any ideas please?

Hi David - there is no automatic switch but you can do a couple of things:

  • use a shortcut or alias to toggle project, it might be easier than movng the mouse to the Osnap toolbar in the middle of a command.

_ProjectOSnap _Toggle

  • for the second scenario, where you are tracing from a plan view, and things get all out of whack hitting snaps at different depths, just take what you get, swear once, then ProjectToCPlane or SetPt in Z to straighten it all out.