Wish: Pen display style without split&join lines (general don't show nonnaked edges)


the Pen style is great looking and I tried to use it for a complex model. My problem is that the complex shape of my model based on a polysurfaces. I don’t like to see the edges of the single surfaces (non naked edges).

Here a simple example, I split and joined the cube. At the right side a meshed version of the test cube is shown that looks right. Also Penguin doesn’t show the unwanted lines.

Is it possible to setup the pen display to get the look? If not please set it on the wish list.

General I could be great for all display modes to get an option to set the visibility of non-naked edges or planar splits. The need is analogue to the iso-curve display.


Hi there,

Think you are looking for the following:

Uncheck show edges will do the trick :smile:


That will turn off all edges, I think he wants to turn off just interior tangent edges. I don’t think that’s possible right now…



Left: Show Edges Checked.
right: Show Edges Unchecked.

Looks just the same as his picture ^^

I tried it on my real project file and it doesn’t work like expected. Here a new test scene. No edges

and here edges enabled, the right mesh version looks great, but not the left NURBS object:

I suppose so the difference is that the unextracted render mesh doesn’t based on welded “planar” edges and the extracted mesh has it.

So, we need a setting for hiding tangent, joined, edges only, correct?



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Yes, this would be great. At the moment I’m working on patent drawings and an option like this could help to get a clean look.


The pen display mode is a masterpiece innovation by you mcneel guys.