Turn of edges pen mode

I use pen mode for a lot of layout displays, I’m trying to eliminate the edges of the handles on the screenshot attached. I need to keep edges turned on in the display panel as this affects other parts of the model I need to display. These handles were simply modeled from a rail and curve using sweep 1, tia :slight_smile:

Hello - it looks like you cannot eliminate the edge curves completely by setting width to zero - but you can try setting the color to white or light gray - not ideal but it might be OK for the moment.


Hi Pascal, thanks for chipping in. If I do that does it mean that it will turn all edges to white in the display mode ? I only want to hide the lines on those specific objects in a much bigger model

Yeah, I don’t think it is a great solution… it’s all I could find to adjust that might help.


Hi milezee,

You could use a copy of the pen display mode with edges off and apply it to these handles with the command _SetObjectDisplayMode

If you use the option FitRail=Yes of the Sweep1 command then you’ll get a single surface without Edges.

Hope it helps.


Hi Jess, yep I think both of those may just do the trick, thank you :smile: