WISH/IDEA for improving Technical drawing tools

Hi Folks,
here is my idea to improve the technical drawing views for layout and presentation.

If it’s possible could be good to have a command/tool able to switch on or off selected edges.

At The moment if you are modelling something and you don’t wont to spend to much time you can do the model without tangency o curvature continuity, but maybe you want to control the final look for a presentation or screencapture.
So would be great to be able to disable some edges in order to show them like the surface it’s tangent also if not.

Let me know!

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Hi Riccardo,

I think I know what you mean but if you have an example model please send it in to tech@mcneel.com or post it here. There are a few different edge display options in the technical modes (artistic and pen included) and I’m not sure which you want to turn off for a given edge in a model. You may already be able to get what you want by turning off creases for example in the display panel. Let me know if you have more details and I’ll right up a request if it’s not already possible. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi @BrianJ,
yes I know all the Display Options but, like in the attached example, I want to hide only certain edge and not other.
In the example I would to get a clean middle surface while keeping the tangent edge for the side fillets.

Thanks to take this in count,

So basically, “Display/Hide selected edges” without affecting the actual geometry.

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isn’t usefull?

To things:

  1. Objects that are planar should be made planar
  2. Sometimes geometry just won’t work along

So it shóuld not need a function, but in some cases it would save time to just hide some edges rather then rebuilding an object.

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Hi SkySrf,

This isn’t an option as you know at the moment but I’ll file a wish list item now for it. The method I’d use currently though would be to dupedge and then turn off edges in the tech mode. Curves will still be displayed by default and you’ll get what looks like edges just where you want them despite the actual geometry.

CustomTech.3dm (176.4 KB)

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Thanks @BrianJ, very clever your solution!
With this method I’ll be able to define, also, a specific width for lines… :slight_smile:

Thanks for adding my wish to the List.
Now I have only to hope for a Xmas gift :wink:

I have also some wishes related to this and its mainly related to printing technical display through layout for architectural purposes.
When I try to print a technical display in 3D currently there is no way to apply thickness to the lines by layers (correct me if wrong) (see image 1).

All lines thicknesses are coming from the object display setting (see image 2).

I have created technical display by copying the default one and my wish is to be able to control the line thicknesses & colours by layers (see image 2). this will be very welcomed feature.

Finally image 3 highlights some silhouette issues that I think it would be good if it can be correct if possible.

Thank you