Wish: Only Select VISIBLE objects in Shaded/Rendered view, Please

Long time user with a long time gripe… Please don’t let the cursor select objects I can’t see when single-click selecting. In shaded or rendered view you guys did great with the option to uncheck “Snap to Occluded Objects.” I would just like to see this logic carried over to object selection as well, at least for single-click selections. Thank you.

Hi Brian - I don’t think I’ve ever LMB selected an object that was not visible.
Would it be possible to provide a 3dm file that shows this behavior?

That’s odd, Rhino has always exhibited this behavior. Not sure if a file will help since it’s not an issue with geometry. A good hypothetical would be if you modeled a house with stud walls and furniture. You’re in rendered or shaded view looking at it from the outside. When you go to select a piece of siding, you’ll be prompted with the normal selection menu by your cursor listing studs or furniture items, even though they are occluded in rendered viewport. I don’t want those items to even be LMB selectable in a rendered view, just the visible object I’m clicking on and not a hundred things behind it that is hidden from view. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for replying.

Not your wish, but you might try:

Thank you, Fred. The filters are handy and I use them quite a bit. Doesn’t really help in this scenario if all items are polysurfaces, but they’re useful in a multitude of other operations. I appreciate the response.

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