Release and SubD Feature request

Well done on the release! I upgraded immediately once I found out.

In MODO one can select only what they can see. In wireframe view you can select all but in shaded mode you can select ‘only’ what you can see. This makes for a much simpler selection process. I am constantly selecting ‘close by’ edges or verts while in shaded mode. Very unproductive.

It would be great to only be able to select what is visible in shaded mode.

Hi Paul -

Is that “select” as in “snap-to”?
If so, make sure that the Rhino Options > Modeling Aids > Object snaps > Snap to occluded objects option is turned off.

No, it’s Select as in Select. Not snap. I don’t wish to select ‘occluded’ items be them, edges, verts, faces, etc.