Wish - not reversed mirror for texts


i wish an option for texts that prevents them to be reverted.

This is on the wish/buglist, looks like it has been addressed for V6 (but not for V5).



thanks Mitch,

Hi @dale,

a quote from the link;

“Added a new TestMirror command that had a MirrorText=Yes/No toggle”

it is good to hear we are going to have an option like that, it would save a lot of time.

but it would be frustrating if someone forgets to turn that on/off and does some work beyond undo. i think to add “revert” (or something like that) to texts and annotations properties would be bulletproof. when the user realizes that the text/annotation is flipped s/he can flip it again.

Keep in mind this is just a test command and may have nothing to do with anything we choose to implement.

You might have a look at Pascals’s MirrorEx script on Pascal’s Page

The downside is if you select multiple text blocks it mirrors the positions grouped, which limits it’s usefulness a bit (effectively just copies the text group to the other side of the mirror plane).

Hi Mark,

i shout “YES! i should have knew Pascal would do it! dumb me, Why didn’t i look there” then it turned out as you said, it moves the texts. :frowning:

Hi @Blastered, I’ve tried @pascal 's MirrorEx script in the past and it didn’t behave as I required, although it was much appreciated.
My Workaround:

  1. Select the Text objects that you would like to mirror
  2. F10 to show Control Points of the text objects.
  3. Now select the control points of the Text objects that you want to mirror.
  4. Use the mirror command as usual, and the texts will mirror only their positions.
  5. F11 to switch off control point visibility.

Perhaps someone can script this sequence? Michael VS

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Wow thanks Michael, this workaround is really helpful thank you

I would add to this request that it could be awesome to add some option to blocks to avoid mirrored text when you need to mirror the block (linked or embed). ACAD has this option implemented in text objects. Perhaps adding some kind of option in texts properties to avoid reflected text in the same way.

Thanks in advance (it will make the work with referenced blocks a lot easier. :wink:

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@lowell, weren’t you working on the for Serengeti?

Yes, it’s in progress. The annotation text part works but not the block part.

Fixed… thanks. =)

Mirror_ex (2).zip (2.1 KB)

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Works great, Pascal, much more useful tool now! Thanks!