Mirror image of text?

I’m doing some 2D drafting work. Many of the things I draw have a mirror image, i.e. same opposite hand. So you draw one side and flip the drawing for the other. I have been drawing in the top view. Then to make a drawing of the opposite hand I flip the drawing for a mirror image. I first copy the object . Then I got to the Front view and rotate the object 180 deg. Thus creating a mirror image.

In the past when I did this the text would remain in the proper left to right orientation. Now suddenly the text rotates also and winds up backwards.

Is there some setting that controls this?

Hi User1756,

Welcome to the forum. This is probably the setting you are looking for:

The setting is specific to the annotation style, so can be set independently in each one. The current annotation style is shown in bold in the list.

Incidentally, I don’t know how familiar you are with Rhino: on the assumption that you are quite new to it might I ask if you are aware of the Mirror command? Saves leaving the Top view, so potentially simpler than what you are doing.


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks or you response. I’ve been using Rhino since 2014. I’ve mainly worked in 3D. I’m familiar with the “Mirror” command. But this case that did not work. I’m doing some drafting work in 2D. In many cases what I draw is the same Opposite Hand. Hence the need for the mirror function.

The box you indicated is checked. According to Tech Support at Rhino this is a bug. I have one file where it works and another almost identical file where it does not.

If you will send me your email address I can send you some example files.


Hamp Stevens