WISH: New object type Opening

You might as well call it anti-surface. This should be a sub-brep type of object that will create openings.

The difference between this object and trims is that it will have exposed control points and you can redefine it programatically or visually.

a brep box made solely by 6 anti-surfaces and combined with a brep box with larger scale and same CoG location would create kind of a Tesseract-ish. Closed box with a hole in the middle That can only be seen when clipped, trimmed, split or in a drawing as hidden lines (make 2d)

This new type will unlock huge amount of parametric workflows.


This is on the Wish list, but it’s been a long time since anyone has requested it. Just to be honest, it isn’t likely this will become a high priority.

Have you looked at MoveHole or RemoveHole?

Thanks for the reply @John_Brock,

Hopefully this will become a priority one day.

Yes, move hole is not a solution.

We do currently allow closed meshes to have their normals inverted but not BREPS. It’s been that way since V1.

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Hi Ivelin,
We’ve been asking for negative volumes and real hole objects since V1 when McNeel whined only solid modelers can do that and we’re surface modeling, I think it would really be useful. Now that it’s V7 it would be nice to finally make this a reality since I think by now Rhino’s geometry Kernel can handle it.

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