Rhino 6 Wishes list

Hi all,

i made a list of things i’d like to see in rhino 6 , may be some are already existing, may be some are good /useless, let me know.

  • Edge loop selection, open border selection.

  • Inset surface + Extrude

  • Isolate selection levels , for example , i want to work on 3 objects in my scene, i isolate those three, now i need to work only on one , i isolate once again ( level 2 ). first unisolate return to three objects … etc… ( Isolate + / unIsolate - / unisolate all.) something like that.

- Fillets/chamfers by surface border selection -

  • History on cap planar

- History on blend surfaces/Curves

- History on match surfaces

  • Boolean history.

  • Boolean difference by curves ( straight projection )

  • Array linear between start and end point

  • Sweep 3 or 4 rails

- Gumball Scale 2D

  • Gumball orientation on any picked faces normal direction in scene

  • Gumbal Quick visual pivot placer on bounding box objects or selection ( five points per faces ( corners + center faces) + center objet point) , also useful to quickly specify a point or a base point in many command, align/bend etc…

  • Snap on center faces/Surfaces, and snap on solid center.

  • command option to start for center of object on Bend/Shear

  • Project curves rigid option.

  • Box edit: lock button to input on several axis at the same time, 2 or 3 axis. ( EDIT: actually uniform work on 3 axis together, could be good to also have 2 axis lock option.)

  • SoftMove/ Soft selection on cage control points.

  • variable offset on curves

  • Preview on fillet corner/fillet curves/chamfer curves

  • untrim on polysurfaces ( when hole is shared between several surfaces)

  • Chamfer two height - to produce angled chamfer - not only 45°

  • deleteholes on joined polysurfaces ( when hole is shared between several surfaces)

  • Solve those torsion problem.

  • Solve custom toolbar placement.

  • collapsed function , one function for all , no need to have a separated functions for curves, surfaces, solids, for example only one blend command for all kind of objects, rhino should be able to dertermine what kind of object is selected to launch appropriate command, interface and commands will be lighter.

  • possiblity to think about something and see it automatically realized on the screen ! ( ok, maybe it’s too early to think about this kind of function but it’s interesting … ^^))

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Nice list! I think some of these things are already in Rhino 6, the other we see in Rhino 10 (from 20 years) eheheh:-)

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Ok, just updated on things i found.

Hi Cyver -

This is trickier than it might seem - for example, BlendCrv allows surface edges as inputs. What tends to happen is that commands become fewer, possibly, but complicated by command line options, and the net gain is sometimes… negative. Not to say that it can never be done or that there is no room for consolidation- it has to be carefully designed on a case by case basis.


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So, the nearset point on the curve to the target in the projection direction would determine the final location, is that correct? Can you give an example of where this would be useful?


Some features are already there:

see the 4 last buttons in the toolbar below, each can be used for a different isolation level:

Between Surface or PolySurface and curves using straight projection, try _WireCut

I guess this is what _NetworkSrf does, with n-rails

If you use CTRL+SHIFT to select a (planar) subobject or surface, the gumball z-axis points into the normal direction. If not, click on the small white circle near the gumball and set it to “Align to Object”.

Try _SoftMove with all cage points selected.

What does that mean ?



Yes it’s correct.
To keep curve planar on surface, for me espacially for gemstones work (circle) , but i think that could be useful in many case.
May be it’s not the idea of the year :slight_smile:

[quote=“clement, post:6, topic:30376”]
Isolate selection levels , for example , i want to work on 3 objects in my scene, i isolate those three, now i need to work only on one , i isolate once again ( level 2 ). first unisolate return to three objects … etc… ( Isolate + / unIsolate - / unisolate all.) something like that.

see the 4 last buttons in the toolbar below, each can be used for a different isolation level:[/quote]

i know those buttons, but it’s not exactly what i said, and it’s not so ease to use, you must switch one button to another, and you are limited by buttons number.

Hi Cyver - I dredged up an ancient RhinoScript that might help for now - Save, then drag and drop the rvb file to add these two aliases:


The second one should work for what you requested.

MoveProject2 (2).zip (2.4 KB)


You are free to create as many buttons as you like. I personally get by using 3 of them. If you need more, look at the button commands and create your own. Alternatively, there is a very nice isolate objects script from @pascal here:

Are you aware that you can use _Trim in a side view to do just this using a line or curve and a PolySurface ? The direction is then determined by the active CPlane normal direction.

Please post a file or tell us how you created that object and at which point the “torsion” is created.


Hi all- Isolate/Unisolate is a command in V6 now - the Unisolate command does not go step by step if you have used Isolate several times though - it unisolates everything.


Therefore i suggested those button command(s) which theoretical respect an infinite amout of isolation levels.


Hi all,

Pascal, thanks for script , i’ll try.

Yes, but , trim just make holes that’s not a boolean difference , if you need to finish your construction after, that’s not handy.

About torsion problem, mcneel team are aware about this problem, i already sent to support.

Another thing about Sweep4 versus Network :

Network surface produce only one surface according the input curves, if you use polycurves with corner , the result isn’t good, not precise enough, angles are not clean and sharp , sweep produce polysurfaces with a perfect result.

Edit : May be Sweep4 should be useless, if network have ability to generate polysurfaces, that will be even better.


the curves are just moved on surface, could be good if was oriented on surface direction.

I guess you can just use _Sweep2 four times to create such objects. To create such forms with a single command, you can select the 4 arcs, then use _Loft _Closed=Yes with straight sections. Imagine that if every amount of rail curves would require a dedicated sweep command, Rhino would be cluttered with redundant commands which makes it hard for new users to understand their real purpose.


Develop a new command a “multisweep” would not be a bad idea; SolidThinking also possesses such an instrument: the end would add a little command to the series “sweep”, nothing great!

The commands “surfaces” have remained unchanged for many years, since he was born Rhino, introduce a new one does not change anything!

Yes of course there is many ways for same result, but as i said, the goal is to have tools fast and easy to use.
Difference between create four sweep 2 and a one sweep 4 is the time you will pass to create your volume.

Loft solution isn’t valid solution, how create something like that with loft ?

I don’t see any problem with new users, they also need good and better tools.

it seems you don’t see the benefit of this kind of function, i’m really surprising to see that.

Cyver I agree with you. A multisweep and Multiblend would be two innovative tools, facilitate many tasks.
Developers: listen !!!


Yeah many program use this kind of command, there is a real reason, that’s not just for the fun to have a new useless gadget.