WISH: Native IFC export --> boost in user base


Writing this just after a meeting about this BIM infrastractural project.

In this world of infrastractural projects we are slowly moving towards BIM. Current state is that many disciplines just use autocad lt for documentation. Even with full autocad it is not possible to model lines (as cables) or boxes (as technological units) and attach attributes to them (key/value/unit).

If Rhino 8 included native ifc export with all key/value/units included as non-graphical info to the element i am sure there would be a surge of new users.

Another thing probably neccessary for ifc is to include units (third column) in key/values.

There is nothing easier than model boxes and lines in Rhino and add keys/values → problem is with easy export to ifc for coordination. 3dms are not accepted as common format in case of CDEs (trimble connect …)


+1 also with adding IFC tags. For now, it`s needed to buy a whole VisualARQ plugin only for that single feature. Amazing VisualARQ is of course worth their price but I also think that the single IFC export (to Revit and Navisworks) feature should be bundled in a basic Rhino version without any additional plugins.

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i dont know what you mean by ifc tags but i think basic rhino user keys/values should be seamlessly transferred to ifc when exported. with plugins like visualarq those are separate tags (easy to use grasshopper to mirror keys/values to visualarq tags, but still some work).

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Hi -
I added this thread to feature request RH-52747.


thanks. i think it should go from wish to “strategic” because now its the time when BIM is on the table and users are looking for actual tools to model and attach other information which is not possible in autocad.

Hi @ivan.galik!

It’s possible to export export IFC4 from Rhino using BEAM.
You can find more info at the link below:


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,

The BEAM Team

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Hi, how does georeferencing work with your plugin ?

In other words, if i export (for instance) an object that is located at x=0 y=0 Z=0, where will it land in ifc viewers (such as bimvision, navisworks) and revit ? Does it create an automatic IFC site ?

Thanks !

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You can set location coordinates from the IFC settings in Rhino.
The IFC settings are accesible by clicking the gear icon next to the IFC button in the BEAM panel.
Site, location and address can be inserted.
More info here: BEAM IFC for Rhino - MKS BEAM

Hope this helps!



Thanks, this is perfect.
I really find your software simple to use.
Keep up the good work.

Too bad people are still using ifc 2x3, will have to wait a bit to use your software.

Good day

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Yes - we need this. (civil/structural engineering working on large scale infrastructure projects)

We need native IFC import/export for Rhino 8!

If the devs read this please work on it.