Are there tool to export Rhino model to IFC as Furniture model?

Are there tool to export Rhino model to IFC as Furniture model?
For example, A chair model in Rhino will be exported IFC file then import to Revit as Furniture model.

Hi Travis,
You can tag an object with the IFC category “ifcFurnishingElement”, so when you export that file to IFC, Revit will read it as a Furniture object.

Hi @fsalla
A Furniture frequently contains many solid parts.
How should I oganize these parts?
Can I apply material for each of them in Revit?

Then you need to create a block with all parts of that Furniture object, and assign the ifcFurnishingElement category to the block, before you export that to IFC. In Revit you can edit that object and change the material of each part.

Hi @fsalla
VisualARQ is great plugin. I can edit model in Revit. Great!! However, I only can apply Surface Pattern, I can not apply Cut Pattern in Revit. I will not show pattern in Section View.

Hi @fsalla
I found out that In Revit, If I change Properties from Furniture to Generic Model. I will show Cut Section View.

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When I try complex model such as torus. It will be convert to Mesh. It look not good for presentation. If I import default 3DM to Revit. The result will be better.
VisualARQ team should consider it. Thank

Hi, VisualARQ only supports IFC 2x3 version so far, which converts all geometry into meshes. In VisualARQ 3 version, we have plans to support IFC4 files, which supports NURBS.
Right now, the quality of the mesh exported to IFC depends on the Render Mesh Parameters of the current document, so you should be able to control that from the Document Properties.

(This only applies to Breps though. The existing meshes are exported in the same quality as they are.)

The mesh quality can be also edited By Object before exporting it to IFC: