BIG CHANGE ! IFC capabilities in rhino. What is the best tool?


We are working on our BIM workflow at the office. We are used to using revit in architectural projects (buildings), but things get a bit more difficult for landscape architecture, infrastructure, road work, urban planning and urban design. We have decided that rhino will be our prefered solution for the future. Especially for its flexibility, modeling power, grasshoper, export options etc… But not for its drafting capabilities…

We are now trying to generate IFC files directly from rhino. We are trying 3 different tools.

  • Visualarq
  • Beam
  • Geogym

Our objective is to be able to assign Ifc types and parameters to any geometry and export it into IFC.

Does ony one have any feeback regarding these softwares (visual arq, beam, geogym) ?
Is there any plan for Rhino to integrate IFC capabilities (as a native feature) in the future ?

Thanks !

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Have you thought about using Rhino.Inside.Revit?
Might be a bit easier, since the models would be in native rvt format.

Hi @raoufdjema15 Lands Design ( also reads and exports IFC files.
VisualARQ is more robust though for exporting (and importing) IFC files. Both programs let you add custom parameters to geometry, which are exported to IFC as ifc properties, and also assign ifc types to geometry. Take a look at this page or more info: IFC - VisualARQ

We use Rhino Inside and it’s Very effective.
But a more intuitive and simple tool can be very, Very useful.
Sometimes you just want to assign IFC types and parameters and export the file.

we are already testing visualarq at the office.

Do you have any feedback regarding BEAM ?

AFAIU, this is not about Rhino Inside Revit. I think you should change the category of your topic. This way you’ll have more interaction.

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Any more feedback on this topic ?
Espacially regarde Beam ?