Feature Request: Save Copy... (alt+ctrl+s)

I’d love to see a “save copy” function in rhino, just like in illustrator or photoshop.

It would allow you to save a copy of a file, without actually changing what file you’re working on. Thats really handy for backups, archiving drawings in other folders etc…

And it should be quite simple to implement.

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If the description below is correct I support the request, for what ever that is worth.

SaveCopy would save the current state as a file with a file name different than the current file name. (A different file name would be forced.)

Presumably the file type choices be the same as with `SaveAs.

The open file name (used by Save and the default for SaveAs) would not change.

This overlaps with but has a significant difference fromSaveAs.

To currently duplicate the requested behavior requires:
SaveAs with the desired file name. If the saved file type was .3dm of the version of Rhino then the open file name becomes the name used by SaveAs.
To revert to the previous file name SaveAs again and select what had previously been the current file, and hope you don’t make a mistake and select the name of file you wish to keep.
Click “Yes” in response to “Do you want to replace it?”.

SaveCopy as requested would be very useful. An alternative to a new command would be an option in SaveAs to retain the current file name as the name of the open file.

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On point, thanks!

Save as without changing the name of the current file is what export does

Is it? How do you get export to export everything, including document settings and layouts?

I guess you’re right, it’s not the same, discard my comment above

Hi All - for now, see if testFileSnapShot does anything you like - it is not the whole deal, as it autonames the file, but it might be enough to help.

meantime -
RH-69829 Save: Save a copy


It’s close, but the autonaming is a dealbreaker unfortunately.

I’d like to regulary save copies of my file “TestDrawing.3dm” as a copy in a archive folder and name them by the date: “220817_TestDrawing.3dm”. The advantage is, that the name of the original file never changes, which is essential for worksession links (among other things like file naming standards etc).

For now i have to do the routine David Cockey described above. So this feature would be a real time saver.

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I have a very similar desire/need.

I too think this would be an excellent idea…

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I agree that this would be a useful feature.

Particularly if it came with some options to generate the new name from the old, such as prepending yyyy-MM-dd date (as above), prepending date-time or appending date-time, and to supply a default path.

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That would be the icing on the cake, yes. The whole backup/archiving procedure could then be done with a single command.