Wish: MoveEdge, MoveFace, Copy with memory

Could the MoveEdge and MoveFace commands have a memory of the distance last entered, like the regular move command?

The Copy command could do the same. Not just while in the command, (use last distance), but from one command to the next.


Hello - with sub-object selection (CtrlShift-select) you can use Move on selected faces and edges. Does that help?


Do you mean ctrl+shift-select?

I actually have an alias tied to testToggleSubObjectSelect so that I can turn it off every time I load rhino. I use groups a fair bit and find it frustrating that I can’t select and object within a group without having to choose whether I want the whole object, or just a segment each time I click on something. I enable it occasionally, but it usually stays disabled.

On a side note, is it possible for Rhino to optionally create a straight line (while running “Move”) or an arc (while running “Rotate”) that represents the path from the original point to the new position? If Gumball is used, the line or arc could be made where its origin point was located upon the Move or Rotate. Making these path lines or arcs will easily allow the user to read the distances with the “Measure length” tool when needed.