Moving Problem with faces or Control Points In SubD rhino 7

in the tutorials when we want to select a “Face” in SubD and then “Move” (Not Extrude!) the Face towards somewhere, the instructor simply uses gumball and drags the selected face, then Obviously only the selected face moves!
but every time I want to do a similar job, the whole Object moves, Not the Selected Face that I chose! I use ctrl+shift to select the face and then use gumball but it is not working!
am I missing something? it is also happening with control points.

I guess it’s a bug because when I copy and paste the object in a new rhino 7 file, the issue solved. here is the video of it. thanks.

Hi @alirahi32

This behaviour makes me think you may have SoftTransform enabled maybe…
If this is the case, depending on the falloff radius set, a similar behaviour may occur.

Hope it helps.

Rodolfo Santos

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Yes, I checked and when I disabled the softTransform it works correctly!

A visual feedback somewhere showing the status of that command would probably help.

Rodolfo Santos

Hi -

We have that on the list as item RH-55559 (not public) - I’ve added this thread for additional background.

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Hi @wim

Good news, it makes sense.

Rodolfo Santos