MoveFace and repetition


If my memory is good, the MoveFace command in v5 retains the last distance entry.
Same as Extrude command, We can press Enter directly to create an extrusion identical to the last one.

this same behavior for the MoveFace command can be useful if we have to apply the same offset on different orientations

Thank you.

Hello - not as far as I can see… but sub-object select and Gumball or Move can accomplish the same thing without the MoveFace command needed. Distance can be repeated.


All right. This can be an alternative provided you align the gumball to objects.
I think i can use that!

Thank you.

The advantage of the MoveFace command is that it can be constrained to a normal face, that the first distance can be picked and that the positive / negative have the same direction to this normal.

Hello - Gumball set to ‘align to object’ should allow the same control, I think - does that work for you?


Yes of course it good for me.
There is a rare case where this solution can not be useful. This is when we need to set the distance based on 2 selection points.

Thank you Pascal!

OK- got it - I have no idea if it is possible to make Gumball behave with the nestable
‘Distance’, ‘Radius’, ‘Length’ commands but just in case, I added


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