Is there a repeat last move command?

Rather than have to keep choosing Move and entering the same figures, is there a repeat last move command ?

e.g I move something R 21,5
I need to do this a few times on items that are not pickable all at once, I wish for some command I can give a keyboard shortcut to perhaps and repeat the last move.


It’s called a script.

Pretty easy button to make.

Or you could change one of your Nudge increments to 21.5 temporarily.

One way is to assign a macro to say F4:

The macro is:
! _Move _Pause 0 w21,5,0

! = Escape so it terminates other running commands, if any.
_ = English name for the command, so the macro also can run on German or French Rhinos.
Pause = wait for input or continue if objects are preselected
0 = origin (0,0,0)

Now each time you hit F4 it will move any objects R21,5,0 units. Or if no objects are selected it will prompt you to select them and then do the automated move.

Rhino remembers the last distance you moved, but not a relative coordinate move.


I want it to to operate on any distance, the code looks like it will be that distance of 21,5 ?

If I get hold of an object and move it to the right 10mm, then get hold of another 20mm to left of that last object, will it move this one 10mm or 30mm ? asking of the relative and not relative.

I want 10mm.

next move I drag something 50mm, if I want the next move also 50mm…I shall use F4 maybe and so on.

it must work for any distance without me ahving to edit the code in any way.


Try it and see. You might be pleased :wink: What ever the last move distance was, that will be the default for the next move. You just need to supply a direction.

Ok tried it.
I have put this for key F4 as shown by Holo.
drew two squares, moved the first one 5mm x y 0 mm by simply dragging using Move command, selected next one and hit F4 and it didnt move the same amount, it did what was 21x and 5 y I needed that time 5mm


Then just use move. What ever the last move distance was, that will be the default for the next move distance. In this case, after your 5mm move, call move again, select the object to move, select the start point, now you will see on the command line “Point to move to <5>:” if you hit enter here, the move will be constrained to 5mm, now you pick the direction. If you want a macro for this (I don’t know how useful it would be, but you seem set on making it a macro), it would be ! _Move _Pause 0 _Enter

replaced F4 macro with ! _Move _Pause 0 _Enter

move first box 5mm
select next box
hit F4
command line says point to move to, the cursor has a white line appear going to 0,0 with a cursor on it not quite at 0,0

I have osnaps disabled, smartrack disabled. project obviously disabled.

the box hasnt moved.
there is one that has gone lower left.

tried this several times, just cant get the next box to also move 5mm right.



What you would need is a “move multiple times” script that stores that info unless a new is entered.
But why would you need to do this so many times? Could you not select a bunch of objects and just move once?

I can imagine you need to select a lot of small stuff, that takes time to pick, if that is the case I can show you some powerful selection techniques.

I tried this and rhino is waiting for you to select a direction for the move.

do a normal move

run the macro, and your object should move the previous distance in the direction of your curser. you just have to click on the screen in the direction you want to move in.

I do this all the time. I don’t use a macro, however. I just hit the spacebar for repeat and click the screen in the direction I want to go, hit enter(or right-click), click to pick a direction and the same move is made.

It’s not very intuitive…