Wish: Move to a specified distance from chosen point

i have been using Rhino for a long time, but this is something which seems to be missing. or is there a way?

how i solve it currently is either move the object to the point and then move again or draw a line and move it to the end of the line for instance.

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Hello - use the From one-shot osnap, combined with the usual ones, for this.


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i have from point which i tried and i did not manage to get it going… at least it did not do what i expected. is that the from you meant?

alright i got it, i have to activate from point after i have started dragging.
would be neat if that would be an option in the move command to click it fast and simple.

will have to macro it then thanks @pascal

edit: ah i see one uses _from in the commandline ok!

if you want to copy or move the little house from (0) to (1)
and (1) is defined by distance 30 and angle 15


(or _move)
select house
pick point (0)
pick (Pt)
30 enter (for length)
<15 enter (for angular snap)
klick close to (1) to finish

… sorry already did the drawing while pascal was typing…so maybe it illustrates the solution above. kind regards -tom

ok maybe i was too quick, how do i constrain vertical? i seem to lose that constraints (shift tab) once i enter a value and it places the object just anyway in that distance without letting me actually constrain it again. do i have to enter the 0 degree additionally? come on guys… that is not very hand…

thanks Tom, but it does not seem to solve what i want.
in my simple case i have 2 cubes and i want to place the upper surface of the upper cube 500 away from the bottom of the bottom cube. maybe its a bug or i am too dumb but i do not get it to constrain straight up.

after i enter the value of 500 it lets me choose a point 500 away in radius and no way to set the constraint.

Yeah, I see that is hard without adding some reference geo.

@encephalon - here is some trickery that may help:

Start Move, with Smarttrack on, then use testAddSmartPoint and From and 500… then track the vertical smart line to set the 500 unit smart point - after that is set, it all works magically.


i assume it should keep the contraints? maybe buggy?

for instance the one shot snap between has all the magic,
i would expect from to work the same magical :slight_smile: pls pls.

i mean i really use that a lot, having to jump the extra hoop kills me.

use this macro:
you may want to add a _selNone to make it more stable… or adjust the amounts of pause to your needs…

_move _pause _pause _cplane _pause _pause _cplane _undo

the macro uses a cplane-origin… within this you can set your reference point…
and it reverts back to the old cplane
will mess up cplanes if user changes viewport

Hi Pascal

Would you mind showing this strategy, I am not able to reproduce it on my My ?
If not, never mind.

Rodolfo Santos


After many attempts, I still cannot figure out how to succeed with the trickery suggested by Pascal, but I found a compromise that may help.

  1. Start the Move command
  2. Pick the Move From Point ( F )
  3. run _Distance
  4. Measure distance from (F) to (B)
  5. Write the wanted distance - the measure distance
  6. Snap to vertical or Shift Click.
  7. You get (T)

Rodolfo Santos

did you look at my workflow / macro ?
translated to your sketch… and of corse it is a bit a sophisticated challenge … “how to do it without construction geometry” - but this is what the @encephalon asks for:

  1. select object,
  2. _move
  3. pick (F) start move
  4. _cplane
  5. origin to B
  6. enter 0,0,20 in the new coordinate system
  7. _cplane undo…

and to combine everything in a single command, use my macro

kind regards -tom

Hm - yeah it is not relaible…


i tried testAddSmartPoint but like @RodolfoSantos i had not much success. smart tracking itself on the other side seem to have functioned at least more or less reliable. it unfortunately fails completely when the 2 explanatory cubes do not share the same edge in plane.

@pascal @Tom_ @RodolfoSantos in case you guys are following i think i found a reliable method, it works as i believe from should work by using the between snaps. that is an awkward but doable workaround simply enter double of the wished distance after activating between.

just all the extra clicking sums it up to just moving it twice so there is no advantage. also i think there is something wrong with from since it kills all the constrains which between has no problem with.