Moving objects specific distances

Whats the best way to move an object a specific distance in the x or y axis

Use the Move command and input a distance with the keyboard? Use the Gumball, click on an arrow and type a distance? Check the Help and read the user manual for more info.


Thanks for responding. I’ve tried the Move Command and inputting the desired distance and nothing happens?

For axis aligned moves, activate Ortho
Move command
Select your objects to move and then Enter (or pre-select)
Mouse click on a “From” point
Type a single number for distance and Enter
Pull the objects in the desired axis direction and mouse click once to set them.

For axis aligned relative moves the Gumball is easier and faster

Select object(s)
Click on the arrowhead that points along the desired axis.
Type a distance (negative if you want to move in the opposite direction of the arrow) and Enter

HTH, --Mitch

Got it now thanks to your help!



An easy way is to move “from where you are” if you only want to move a certain known distance.

  1. Select object to move, and pick the Move command.
  2. From point; type 0 (zero) and Enter.
  3. To point: type a relative distance, like so: @100, 50.1, 0

… which means, move 100 units along the X-axis, and 50.1 units along Y-axis and no change in Z axis.

// Rolf

If you type 0 as the ‘from point’, you don’t even need the relative coordinates (‘@’ or ‘r’), as it’s relative to 0, so it ends up being the same thing. Saves one key typing.

Also to note just in passing that typing one number is interpreted as a distance and the cursor is constrained to that, but two or three numbers separated by commas are interpreted as coordinates.


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Thank you Rolf!


The fastest would be to use the “Gumball”.

  1. Select the object(s).
  2. Begin to drag the correct gumball arrow. (don’t let go)
  3. While dragging enter the distance and hit enter. Repeat if you made an error entering the wrong number.
  4. Drag further to the correct side (direction).
  5. Let go.

Thank you!


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I use gumball but instead of dragging - just click on one of the gumball’s axis - a little input appears - type desired distance. Put minus before if you want it to move in opposite direction.

Works with scale an rotation too.
Holding alt while clicking will copy moved/scaled/rotated object.

Obviously works only if you move along one of three axes - but that is 90% of cases for me.

Thanks very much!