Move to coordinates command

Hoping this is the right forum for help questions. I’m having trouble with the “Move” command when trying to input values. Didn’t seem to have a problem in previous builds or maybe I’m just overlooking something. 0,0,0 for example won’t go to origin. In fact, any value just moves the selected object to the exact place on CPlane or World. Also, the C-Plane vs. World option seems to appear at random times. Thanks for any help.

Hi Dave- what is the exact sequence of inputs? How are you specifying the Move ‘from’ point?


Hi pascal, I’m inputing 0,0,0. Although i don’t really know where the point is actually located. I just want to snap the object to origin

edit : I’ve also recently noticed that pressing enter will be successful in the command but not pressing the button “done” with the mouse. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but don’t know what the conditions are…

Hi Dave- If I follow what you are trying to do… try this:

Select your stuff
Start Move.
At the prompt for the move ‘from’ point, use an object snap like End or Mid or similar to set a point on the selected objects (just do this for now to see how it works, even if the from point is not really a snappable point) . Then, as the Move To point, type in 0,0,0 or w0,0,0. If all goes well, the point you snapped to will end up at the CPlane or World origin.
Any luck?


Got it! I had all those options like “mid” “end” etc disabled. Thanks Pascal!