Setting the distance of objects

Basic modelling question: what’s the quickest way to set the distance between any two objects, or components?
I’m using Rhino for 6 years now, for architecture. What I always do is move/snap the first object to the second (let’s say boxes, or parallel lines for simplicity’s sake), then use move or the Gumball to move back in the wanted distance.
That always feels somewhat clumsy. Revit, for example, shows these temporary measures when objects are selected, like so:

These measurements can be edited, which will move the selected object.
We don’t have that in Rhino, ok. But did I miss some command that does something similar?
Thanks a lot!

Hello - the From OSnap is probably the closest thing.


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Thanks, that solves an old mystery!
I never understood why this “alternate reference object snaps” toolbar (which appears when pressing CTRL while hovering over the OSnap toolbar) is always greyed out… It can only be activated when a command like Move is active. Then, after clicking ‘From’ in this alternative toolbar, a ref point can be clicked, the the distance entered, and then the object placed.