Wish: Move CV tool - MovePt

Hi, I would love to see a native move CV command which internally sets the filter to affect control points only for more easily sculpting a surface. For what I want, I would just like to box select the required CV’s and move/ transform them and then reset the filter. I have made a macro that works the way I want it to — though it is a little slower to activate and has a lot of text flickering in the command line.

'-_Selectionfilter Setall=yes _n _Controlpoints=Yes _enter _Move _Multipause -_Selectionfilter _e _Yes _enter

have you tried move uvn?

Yes, and I also tried the different drag modes.
But let’s be real, moving CV’s in Rhino, although in easy enough to do in theory, is just not as intuitive as can be. Sure the gimball can be used as well, but what I like about the move command is that you don’t have to press-and-hold the mouse button while you judge where you want the points to end up. Though to achieve this, you’d have to toggle filters in order to box select just a bunch of points, that’s additional work at least and a macro at best (though that introduces some lag in initiating the tool) Rhino has a MoveEdge, MoveFace (surface), MoveCrv, but no MovePoint, surely it’s not complicated to add it natively?