Moving U and V rows of control points



Working on a cover which needs a fairly accurately placed dent. To put the dent where I want it I’d like to move some rows of U and V control points without actually deforming the shape of the surface. Basically a rebuild surface but a manual one that would allow me to relocated the control points on the surface and then move them to pull the surface around. I understand that moving a row of points along the z axis would result in some slight movement in x and y. Is there anything like this?




Hi Dave, not shure if the Mac version offers it but the command MoveUVN could do it to some extend. But since the U-V rows are made up of control points, it will change shape by default.


(John Brock) #3

You can also use InsertKnot to add additional control in the surface area you want to mess with. This is where understanding how NURBS curves/surfaces behave becomes important.

If you move a single control point on a degree 3 curve or surface, it will deform the shape near that point and somewhat near the next points on either side. If it’s degree 5 then the deformation is spread out over the point and the next two points on either side.
The Level 2 training guide does a good job of covering this topic.