Curve & surface modeling/ Move CV/Move CV tool

When I move CV’s, I first have to click select a CV, then re-click on it before moving it.
I would like to be able to move CVs immediately upon selection, similar to moving a CV in MOI3D, as it gives you a more precise feeling when doing CV modeling.

Also, it would be nice to have a Move CV tool where you could select single or multiple CVs and move them with constraints(UVN, XYZ etc) and move scale (or mouse sensitivity) , similar to VSR Control Point Modeling tool.
Basically combining the MoveUVN and DragMode commands in a single convenient tool.


Hi Serge - The delay in dragging is due to the control point drag threashold set in Options > Mouse. You can reduce or zero that. Constrined dragging is possible by DragMode > UVN and DragMode > ControlPolygon as well as MoveUVN and Gumball set to align by object.

Does that help at all?


Thanks Pascal. The CP drag threshold option will sure help!
As for the DragMode and MoveUVN, I know this is working but the current implementation is just not very user friendly when doing manual CV modeling.
I was just wondering if DragMode and MoveUVN could be combined in a single command with a dedicated interface (more or less like the blend curve command), so you could seamlessly alternate between CV modeling modes on the fly, while moving the CVs.


Hi Serge - Here’s what I do, for what it is worth- (I agree that it is not exactly seamless and any specific suggestions are welcome- I’ve been moaning to the developer about making ControlPolygon drag mode a little handier and he’s done some nice things in the V6 code for this in the past couple of days)

  • I have ControlPolygon drag mode on an alias. The drag modes can be toggled on and off by the same alias because they are set up so that if you set the same drag mode twice in a row, it sets it back to the default (CPlane). BTW, I find I use ControlPolygon drag mode much more than UVN. Using Ctrl-Drag in this mode moves points normal. Multiple selected points move each on its own normal or control polygon, so you can move rows towards and away from each other fairly easily.

  • I have gumball toggle on and off as well. Gumball does not have a drag threshold and when set to align to objects sets the blue arrow, when used on control points, to the surface normal.

  • I keep MoveUVN open.

Altogether this makes a kind of control point editing mode. Incidentally, I made a little plug-in, posted in this thread:

that might also be of interest - I find it helpful anyway…


Thanks Pascal. It is definitely good to know and clearly shows the potential of Rhino. Still, I wish you could develop a UI more specific to quality surface modeling. There is a need for a basic ‘class A’ modeling package, something in the sub $5k range. Sure, there is Alias Design, but this thing is a cross breed of Photoshop and a basic surface modeling package not even close to Rhino. Who needs that? Anyway…
VSR were right track: mostly, it is not a question of adding new functions to Rhino. In fact, the new functions VSR brought to Rhino were the mesh tools ( curve and surfaces fitted/projected on scanned polygon meshes + mesh split tool), and the radius mode curvature analysis graph. If you look closely, everything else is related to developing a GUI that facilitates a basic class A workflow… and, at the very start, CV modeling
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