Move polyline points or CVs

Is there a more efficient way to move polyline points around? I have to do a lot of curve editing and the method I currently use is very inefficient compared to what I would use in Autocad (this also applies to editing CVs. I have tried to outline these as clearly as possible.

It seems to me that selecting points and then hit the move command is the fastest way to do this (I have drag selected points turned off to avoid accidentally moving stuff around).

In Autocad, I can use grip handles to move a point with snapping enabled. I don’t have to hold down the mouse button while moving, I click the grip handle and destination. Also, I can use stretch, which moves points of multiple curves from the origin point to a destination.

Autocad video

Alternative methods
There are 3 flaws to the procedure:

  1. I can mimic the drag handles by using the move command in between, but I don’t really want to have to execute the additional move command every time, I would like to have an equivalent to drag handles.
  2. Ctrl+shift selecting the points of the curve and using the move command also moves the line, whereas
  3. Ctrl+Shift selecting points of a curve is not possible currently (with curve the curve filter disabled).

This brings me back to this, which is basically a request for Autocad’s stretch command, which would also work well for editing CVs:

I managed to improved the procedure to this:


_PointsOn '-_Selectionfilter Setall=yes _n _Controlpoints=Yes _enter _Move _Multipause '-_Selectionfilter _e _Yes _enter

However, I still need to preselect the curve, could this step be avoided through a script of some sort?

Hello - see if this is at least a start - (798 Bytes)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


Hi Pascal, thanks for the script!
I have used the script in quite a heavy file wherein I notice that Rhino commands start to lag. By then, the macro method that I posted earlier feels a lot snappier and I could also use it on multiple points at once, so I think I’ll have to stick with that.

( i did not watch all posted videos, not sure if the following options help)

  1. _setPt Command - it s faster then move, as you only have to click the target position. you can do a macro starting with -_setPt to skip the dialog.
  2. check out the snappy drag option of the gumball, in the gumball dialog.

kind regards - tom