How to progressive move?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there is any way of selecting a range of points such as control points of a surface or whatever and move them as series. Like move n in z direction and for the next point I move n+1 and so goes on.

Is this possible to do only in rhino?

I wasnt sure if it was possible to do with simple Rhino Commands. However i think this is perfect to do in Grasshopper (which is included in Rhino if you have Version 6).

I created this small script. Maybe it helps you. If you have any Questions feel free to ask. (25.9 KB)

If I’m understanding your question, then yes.

  1. Turn on control points
  2. Select the subset of the ones you want to move
  3. Use the Nudge tools to move them around a little bit at a time

You can also try the SoftMove command on a selection of objects (eg: control points) or SoftEditSrf on a surface might do the trick.