Off in Model View - On in Layout Page

This one’s sort of killing me - If I hide some layers in Model view to work on something specific, and then need to hop into Layout Page to change something in another part of the model, or simply print, the geometry I’ve hidden in Model View is now not viewable.

I realize doing “Make 2D” for all things Layout and moving to another sep part of my Model View would fix this prob, but sometimes that’s just not possible with my workflow at the moment.

Any thoughts would be great, thanks!

Perhaps you’ll find benefit from learning the “layer state manager.”

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Hi Alan - yeah, model space visibility wins - you’ll need to activate details and turn the layers off for the details. LayerStateManager can help if this becomes painful.


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@ChrisK and Pascal,

Thanks guys. Copy on model space victor, and yes, I think I’m overdue for learning Layer States.