Wish - Minutes From Last Save Timer

I love this feature, it keeps me honest all the time, however it would be great if it only started counting when something has changed in the document that requires a save. Such as opening a document and rotating a view, does not require the document to be saved, so the timer would not start counting.


That’s how we used to do it. The “changed” flag was not set if only display changes were done. You have to move something, make a new thing, even change a mesh setting.
Users complained that what they wanted saved WAS just the display change.
So we modified it. Any change at all, even rotating the display set the “changed” flag.

Sometimes we just can’t win…

I preferred the previous behavior, particularly when working with large files. It can be very frustrating to be looking at a large file and have Rhino “lock up” while a save is in progress. Is it possible to provide the choice of starting the time based on changing something other than display.

One reason you “can’t win” is because those who want change are always more vocal than those who are satisfied with the current version.

We are looking at some sort of an “expert mode” settings editor for V6 that will give interested users a way to get at these sorts of settings.
I have seen a prototype and basically it’s just a list of settings and a way to change them. I don’t know how close it is to getting into V6 or when the public V6 WIPs will start but this is “on the radar”.

I think there are two functions getting mixed together here- I think the initial post was about the Save timer in the Info pane and not Autosave, correct?



That is correct.


Great, John. I’d like a check box in there that says “Turn off visibility of child layers when parent is off”. This is current behavior, and I would prefer to disable this so I can have any combination of layers visible or not. I could think of more, especially if we get granular enough to include default command options and whether to remember them or not. Probably should start a separate wish list just for these “expert mode” settings.