Display modes 'Hidden', 'Conceptual', 'Realistic' don't save changes

To get a desired graphic look, I’m tweaking the VisualArq display mode ‘Hidden’ to show some colors like so:
‘Shade objects’ on
‘Color and material usage’: Rendering material
‘Ambient color’: white


Works nicely. (To get rid of of outlines of some objects, I use ‘SetObjectDisplayMode’ and set those to some mode with EdgeThickness = 0.)

Point is: the ‘Hidden’ mode’s settings are not saved! Everytime I re-open the scene, it is reset to default.
Any reason for this, or a bug?

Interestingly, the o.o.t.b. mode ‘Conceptual’, which would be usable for me, too, shows the same behaviour - it defaults every time Rhino is started.

Edit: my workaround for now: after tweaking the display modes > OptionsExport. When needed: OptionsImport > load ‘Advanced Display’.

Could be more a Rhino issue…

Hi @Eugen,

This is not a bug. Currently VisualARQ display modes (Hidden, Conceptual, Realistic) don’t save the settings changes. This will be possible in future versions.

Kind regards

Got it, thanks!