WISH - Make2D and ClippingPlanes: output internal edges as 'Hidden' curves


When I generate a Make2D of a closed solid cut by a clipping plane, the internal edges are displayed as ‘visible’, like if the solid was hollow.
It would be really handy (mainly for technical drawings purposes), to have the clipped section to be ‘filled/cap’ and the edges behind represented as hidden curves.

See example below (red: visible edge / blue: clipped edge / dash gray: hidden)

  1. is what we currently get: internal edges drawn as visible curves.
  2. wish: more ‘real world’ approach, even if the solid gets sliced, the edges behind the section planes stay invisible.

@rajaa, @GregArden: are you the people in charge of that kind of stuff?

Maybe there is some workaround by using the RhinoCommon SDK and HiddenLineDrawing?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Also similar to this one?

Any reaction from McNeel people here?
Would such a feature be so hard to implement?

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It’s on the list os an Major Make2d bug.

Hi @GregArden,
Thanks for your reply. As a rough estimation, do you think this is something that may be fixed in v7 or more likely to come with the next WIP?

As new functionality I’d be inclined to put it in the V8 WIP.

Ok, thanks

Come on guys, we’ve been asking for this since when - 2016?

I’m really, really grateful for SubDs in RH7. But one day I’d love to create proper 2D-sections from Rhino without having to close clipped solids manually…?

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