Wish List : Section Attributtes Component

I often create irregular solid forms using grasshopper. Whenever I have change with GH parameters such as length, thickness, or angle, they are re-baked automatically by ‘Quick Baker’ component of Heteroptera. The problem is that I have to reset sectioin attribute again and again whenever the geometry are re-baked. I think if I can assign ‘Section Attributes’ in GH, It will be nice.

I also use rhino solid to merge concrete slabs and beams. Because VA can not merge walls, slabs, and beams by materials at the moment, I have to convert them into breps using ‘VisualARQ Explode’ componet and merge using ‘Solid Union’ and ‘Merge Faces’ component. I believe that VA development team will add walls, slabs, roofs and beams merge and join functionaly to VA 3.0. It was more than 4 years ago that I asked for this. To be honest, VA development speed is so…so…slow. Beause of slow development speed and too many bugs, my staffs are getting tired.

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Yes, please!
I would use section a attribute component for correctly color coded (also in horizontal/vertical sections) building volume/mass studies.
The VA space object still isn’t doing what I want.

Agree, Section Attributes GH component would be very handy.

Hi @archist97.

This is a planned feature for VisualARQ 3.

I must admit that I haven’t seen this as a major issue personally because, from my point of view, Grasshopper has been conceived as a tool to create geometry. Grasshopper Core doesn’t have any component to get/modify attributes (color, layer, print with, etc.).

But things and needs change, I know. Some third-party add-ons have attribute-related components but don’t expect them to be fully compatible with VisualARQ because this will require to be implemented in Grasshopper Core. We’ll need to implement components to get/set all attributes (not only section attributes) to VisualARQ objects and styles.

Joins between slabs and walls is also a planned feature for VisualARQ 3. Unfortunately, I don’t know if joins between beams and other objects will also be included in VisualARQ 3.

I don’t see VisualARQ development so slow. I think that depends on the features you’re waiting for. We’re not a big company with a big development team. We’re hiring new developers from time to time because now that the VisualARQ user-base is growing, we’re receiving more bug reports and feature requests.

Our top priority is, and will always be, to fix bugs in the current version, even if this means delaying the next major VisualARQ update. Many users ask us to fix current features before developing new ones, and this is a fair request. So, please, if you have any bug, please report it, and we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.



Enric, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, we are also small firm. I don’t think we can spend time on reporting something any longer, including bugs. Reporing bugs takes time.