Section Attributes in Grasshopper?

Brief question: can VisualArq Section Attributes be assigned to objects in GH scripts?

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@Eugen I have tried to think all possible ways to find a workaround for that, but I had no chance. I consider this feature as really important and it would solve numerous limitations. In my opinion, Section attributes and VAstyles attributes control via GH, should have top priority in development. Though, i do not know how difficult the development of those features would be.

Thanks! Does not sound too good.
I was about to script something equal to the vaSpace tool, because of it’s many shortcomings (one is they are invisible in a section). But not being able to assign a color as section attribute is a showstopper.

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I agree. I am trying many weeks now to create gh definitions for numerous workarounds. Most of them stop on the attributes limitations. In regards with the section attributes, a solution would be (if possible) to use only VA objects and bake with elefront using the already prepared styles with the attributes already set up. I do not know if this would be applicable in your case.