Access VA SectionAttributes via scripting

Hi VA-Team,
We are currently dealing with a lot of “dumb” non-VA geometry and we would like to create a nice VA section out of it. As for example section patterns can easily be derived from Rhino materials (which are set in the model), this would be an easy script.

We couldn’t find a way of accessing VA Section Attributes via script. Is that somehow possible?
If not - would it be possible to add to the API?

Could we maybe even access these VA-specific attributes somehow via scripting? Where are they stored on a non-VA Rhino Object?

It would be grat if you could somehow give us a hint of current (and maybe future?) possibilities we have in that area. Thank you!

Maybe we can see ‘Section Attributes Component’ in the future. Maybe in 2~3 years. Maybe…

Hi @romio82,

It is currently impossible to assign section attributes using the VisualARQ Script API, but this is something easy to add. I can implement it for VisualARQ 2.12 and send you a WIP installer as soon as I have done it so you can test if it works fine for you before publishing the final 2.12.

This information is saved in the plug-in data section inside the 3DM. There is no easy way to access this information without an API, sorry.



Wow, @enric, that would be really cool!
I’m anyway very much looking foreward to VisualARQ 2.12 because of the worksession improvements!

Thanks a lot for your great work!