Batch assign section attributes to Rhino objects?

I’m new at VisualARQ, but I like the possibilities it’s offering.
One particular thing I would like to do is to assign quickly section attributes to different objects.

For example, I have a lot of concrete walls and slabs drawn in Rhino in different blocks, and I would like them to appear with a hatch when viewed as section.

Is there a way to do this without going in each block, selecting items, writing the section attributes? Like creating a dynamic profile that I can apply to each object, and that I could later modify and that would modify it for all?

Let me know if I’m unclear, I’ll try to explain it better!
Thank you,

Hello Antoine,

You can assign section attributes by style

Another possibility is to set the attributes to “By Parent”. In that case, you can assign these attributes from the layer where the objects are set. You can learn more about this option here: What does value By Parent mean and how does it work? - VisualARQ

Hello Alfonso,
Thank you for your answer, I understand that it is the normal way to do this, and in the future, I’ll be modelling using VisualArq objects.
But for this project, everything has been modelled with Rhino extrusions and polysrf, and I’m trying to add section attributes to each of them with this toolbar:

I know it’s not the best way to do it, but is there a way to handle this other than applying section attributes one by one?
Thank you,

Hello Antoine,

Ok, I understand. You can do it selecting all the blocks which are going to have the same section attributes (maybe making a group with them) and choosing the options you prefer.

Before that, you need to make sure that the geometry inside the block has its section attributes set as “By Parent”. To do it, you have to run the BlockEdit command, select the geometry and change to “By Parent” all the attributes you will need to edit afterwards.

Thank you! that works perfectly

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