Wish list: click into groups and edit objects within

Hi there,

What I always wanted from Rhino was the possibility to edit groups similar to those in Adobe Illustrator. Meaning, you can “enter” the group by double clicking, and then work within the group while the rest of the geometry is grey and cannot be edited. It’s a lot easier in Illustrator to work with groups, but having groups overarching several layers would just kill it (in a positive way). I know this comes close to blocks, but so are symbols and groups in Illustrator.

I’m also aware of the Ctrl + Shift + Click, I’m using it ALL the time and I LOVE it.

What do you guys think?

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There are no real groups in Illustrator. Groups in Illustrator just move every selected object into a sublayer.

What you are looking for is object isolation.

There are several right now:
You can hide every object except the current selection.
You can lock every object except the current selection.

You can script/customize the commands to ungroup the selection at the same time.

Each of the above isolation commands comes with its unisolation command.

Only complication here is that you will need an extra command/script in case you want to group all objects before you exit isolation.

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Hi HaLo,

Maybe the name “group” isn’t right then. I’m aware of the possibilities in Rhino, but a more efficient way to isolate objects while still being able to look at other objects would be very convenient.

Look into Embedded Blocks, they work pretty much the same as your description.