How to edit groups?

Lets say I group a set of curves, is there anyway I can re-position/edit those curves individually without ungrouping them? I have been working in sketchup lately and their group editing ability seems really useful. I know that I can block the curves and then edit the block, but one thing I’ve run into is that you can’t reference blocked geometry from grasshopper. And I would prefer not to have to consolidate my geometry by putting them into layers. Any solutions?

Hi Lawrence - hold Shift-Ctrl and click to select within a group. Or subobjects like edges or faces in a single object.



There are also buttons for adding and removing items from a group.

what’s more, if blocks behave the way you like, you can use the Human add-on for grasshopper to automatically gain access to their inner geometry.

Groups is not Blocks - just saying’ :smile:

Is there anything like “group edit” (I like the way sketchup does their groups). Maybe its just me, but I feel like it is a commitment to make something a block. I guess it is okay to have a bunch of unique and generically named blocks then?

Hi Lawrence- in Rhino, think of groups as named selection sets - not sure what you mean by ‘group edit’.


So blocks is the way to go then? In sketchup, you can group things, but then click in to edit the contents of the group- sort of like blockedit.

Hi Lawrence - you can reach into a group with Ctrl-shift click… does that help? Blocks are the way to go if you need block functionality, groups are the way to go if you need selection sets.


The ctrl-shift click function definitely has helped me, but I agree that blocking is probably the way to go.